Ardilla Woods

Outdoor Games


1.5 hours

10+ people

€15 p.p.

>12 years

Park / forest /


All activities take 1.5 hours and can be organised for any kind of group (12+) of 10 people or more for a price of €12,50 p.p. The location is flexible: all that is needed is a park, forest or indoor location!

With less than 10 people? Check our tournament page for upcoming tourments!

Explorers of 

Ardilla Woods

We're going on a conquest! In this activity the teams will try to collect raw materials. With those materials villages and cities can be build to earn points. But mind your eye: there are competitors on the horizon! 

Token to Travel

We're going on a trip through Europe! Which route you take is up to you, as long as you reach the right destinations. The first team to complete their route, wins the game!        

Small Cities

We're going to build a Small City! With buildings in all kinds of shapes and all kinds of colours we will make it a happy place. The team that builds the smartest and the fastest, wins the game! 

Real life bordspelletjes

“De spellen bieden een unieke twist aan bestaande concepten, zonder dat ze afbreuk doen aan de kern van het spel. Ontzettend leuk!”

- Marcus

Real life bordspelletjes

“Super leuk dagje gehad. Leuke en originele activiteiten waarbij je iedereen op een leuke manier beter leert kennen!”

- Taoufik

Real life bordspelletjes

“Leuke dag gehad! Veel leuke spellen gedaan die het onthouden waard zijn. Zeker een dag die voor herhaling vatbaar is.”

- Jelle


Ardilla Woods

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