Who is the traitor?
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Who is the traitor?

Inspired by the Dutch TV-show "Wie is de mol?", Ardilla Woods presents a different kind of game that you can do all on your own at any location you like! Can you and the other candidates figure out who is opposing you? Or is the traitor tricky enough to disturb the game unnoticeably?

The game can be played with 8 to 16 people for a price of €35 per person. Based on the amount of players, a personalized package is sent to you with everything you need. Below you can find more information about the game and what you receive in your package!

How does it work?

The goal of the candidates is to obtain as much money as possible. This money can be obtained in 3 rounds of games. The nature of these games can be either sportive or tactical, the choice is yours!

However, there is a traitor among you, who will sabotage the games and trt to minimize the money. As a traitor, be careful not to be too suspicious!

After every round the candidates answer questions about the traitor, by which you can earn points if you answer them correctly! The candidate with the highest amount of points wins.

Different from the original TV-show is that no one will drop out after a round and even the traitor can win the game!

What do you get?

The package you receive contains:

  • General game rules
  • Intstruction video
  • 3 envelopes, one per game, leading you through the game
  • A prize for the winner

Beside this, you will be asked to send all phone numbers of the participants, such that a traitor can be chosen anonymously. This way no one, not even the organizer of the group, knows who the traitor is! The traitor will get to know the games in advance. 

If you have any questions or if you are just curious and want to know more, feel free to contact me! This is a very flexible game and there are a lot of possibilities, so let's figure out what fits you best!


Real life bordspelletjes

''De spellen georganiseerd gedurende het hele weekend zorgde voor een hoop lol, terwijl we de stad Brugge en de omgeving ontdekte. Iedereen was erg fanatiek en ook de mol speelde erg goed!''

- Leah

Real life bordspelletjes

Onwijs leuk spel! Leuke combinatie van actie en tactiek die vraagt om samenwerking en eigen tactiek. Een echte wie is de mol ervaring in 1 doos.

- James


Real life bordspelletjes

“Super leuk dagje gehad. Leuke en originele activiteiten waarbij je iedereen op een leuke manier beter leert kennen!”

- Taoufik

Ardilla Woods

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